Anchor Dive Lights at the Dive Show

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ABOUT Anchor Dive Lights

Attending Dive Ireland for the 9th Year, Donegal diving torch manufacturer Anchor Dive Lights will have their full suite of great value dive lights on display for the diver to pick up, test and purchase. They have a full range of torches to meet every divers needs and budget as well as trays, accessories, replacement batteries and components. They now have every type of torch from a €99 handheld to full video and canister light systems. Most lights are modular 3.7-Volt systems enabling the Anchor Dive Light System to grow as the diver’s needs expand.


  • The FANORE – Spot 650 in various colours. Works with 3 x AAA or Li-Ion rechargeable.
  • The TROSTAN – High Quality Protective Pouch. It’s wow!
  • The NEPHIN Goodman Glove – Comfort and Security.
  • The most technical innovation is the Audacious Series 189 light head and E/O cord adapter that can work with any E/O Cord and 12-Volt system from any manufacturer.


  • We are told, they may have some factory soiled and refurbished torches for sale at a discounted rate unique to the Irish show.
  • Their unique trade in scheme enables divers to trade in their old torch and upgrade to a new one. See for full details. Don’t forget to bring your old torch along to the show.


The Anchor Dive Light website has undergone a vast amount of work over the past 12 months. Now there is the facility to fully configure your own light and tray system to meet your needs. Declan will be on hand at the show to help you identify the best light and mounting accessories to meet your needs. Should you already know what you need or if you cannot make the show, they can offer a 5% discount and you can pick up your purchase at the show by using the code “donegal” in the shopping cart.

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