Cork Dive Centre on board for this weekend’s Dive Show!

Cork Dive Centre are on their way to Nenagh for Dive Ireland 2019!

Based at Togher, CDC specialise in Training – Rebreather, Technical and Recreational, Full Scuba Diving Equipment Sales, Air and Nitrox Fills, Cylinder Testing, Suit Repairs, Regulator Servicing, Equipment Rental, Computer and Watch Repairs, Poseidon Rebreather Centre, Freediving and Spearfishing Centre and more…

Contact John Chambers, Cork Dive Centre, Unit 4 Forge Hill Enterprise Park
Togher, Cork. Office Number: 00 353 21 4840310
Mobile Number: 00 353 87 9941988

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Indepth Technical Diving exhibition at the Dive Show

Barry McGill is a Donegal based deep wreck photographer and CCR instructor trainer with Indepth Technical. His main area of focus is exploration of deep water shipwrecks around the Irish coastline and he has been fortunate enough to discover and explore many significant virgin shipwrecks.

Through Indepth Technical Diving Barry, teaches a full range of technical level diving courses from Nitrox to Trimix using both open circuit and close circuit rebreathers. Indepth Technical Diving also offers instructor level technical diving training as well as other related courses such as gas blender.

(Click on the image to visit the Indepth Technical Diving website)

Exploring shipwrecks is central to Indepth Technical’s core, which is multiple wreck diving trips organised on both the north and south coasts of Ireland in depth ranges from 40m to 100m. Exploring iconic shipwrecks such as the R.M.S. Justicia, H.M.S. Audacious and R.M.S. Lusitania left a significant impression on Barry, which helped develop his desire to discover and explore shipwrecks. Barry has organised and led many deep wreck expeditions exploring the deep wrecks off the north coast of Ireland, which included the S.S. Empress of Britain in 162m and S.S. Transylvania in 130m. Barry has also been part the teams that first discovered and explored the wrecks of HMS Curacoa in 125m (410ft), White Star Liner Carinthia in 116m (380ft), HMS Hurst Castle in 85m (279ft) and World War I German U-boats UB 124 and U45 in 65m (213ft).

Barry aims to share his passion for shipwreck exploration by capturing and sharing his images of many previously unphotographed shipwrecks including R.M.S. Amazon, H.M.S. Viknor and H.M.S. D6. Barry has been part of a number of television documentaries and his images have appeared in a number of books and other publications, including the New York Times.

Community Finance Ireland – loans for sub aqua clubs

Community Finance (Ireland) are an all island Social Lender who provide both Bridging & Term Loan finance to the Not for Profit/Charity/Third Sector.

We are in existence nearly 20 years and have approved circa €100m into this sector during this time.

If any sub aqua clubs, or other not for profit exhibitors are interested in hearing more about the type of financial support we can provide, please visit Rose Hally at the Community Finance (Ireland) stand at the Dive Ireland exhibition.

The main points to note about Community Finance (Ireland) CLG

  • Volunteer Led, Provider of Social Finance exclusively to the Community Based Sector across the Republic of Ireland 
  • Part of the Ulster Community Investment Trust Group which has, since 2001, committed some €90 million into Communities across the entire island, North and South. 
  • 2016 – €2.9m approved loans to 30 organisations
  • 2017 – €9m approved loans to 70 organisations
  • 2018 – €7.3m approved loans to 65 organisations
  • Governed by Volunteer Directors elected from our Membership Base. Whilst loan holders are NOT obliged to become members of the group, membership is open to all individuals and organisations interested in purchasing a Share in UCIT – Shares do not pay a dividend and are fully redeemable at any time. A registered Charity (CHY NO. 13926), all profits reinvested for onward lending.
  • Currently availing of access to some €70 million for further lending to the sector
  • Amounts vary between €30k and €500k – Current Interest Rates being charged typically 6%** (see below explaining ‘sheltered’ rate of 6%)
  • Not affiliated with any Bank or Government Department – Independent Community owned Organisation
  • Bridging Loans are available to facilitate the drawing of retrospective Grants, such as Rural Development Programme, SEAI, and Sports Capital funding
  • Term Loans are available up to a maximum 15 years (20 years for Social Housing). 
  • Whilst Security (by way of legal charges on property) may be applicable to Term Loans in some instances, repayment capacity is of ultimate importance, and unsecured lending is a feature of lending within our sector.
  • Where repayment capacity is determined, Community Finance is available for a range of purposes e.g. Debt Refinancing, Property Acquisition, and Capital Upgrades
  • Applicants will have an appointed Executive deal with them from the point of Enquiry/Application to ultimate drawdown of funds.

How is our support different?

  • Community Finance (Ireland) DO NOT CHARGE ARRANGEMENT FEES
  • There are NO PENALTIES for Lump Sum Repayments or Early Redemption
  • There is a legal fee payable. This relates to Governance documents being verified by our Solicitors confirming groups are properly constituted and hold the necessary powers to accept loan offer/ borrow/pledge assets. The charge is a tiered relative to amount and complexity of the loan. For a CLG borrowing less than €75,000 there is a flat fee of €350+VAT+Outlay payable by the applicant on acceptance of offer letter.
  • There are NO PERSONAL GUARANTEES applicable to the loans.
  • Interest Rate Changes WILL NOT AFFECT the monthly repayment amount.


For More information visit / email or call me, Rose Hally, at 086-0492964.

The Upcycle Movement – Bag & accessories from upcycled wetsuits

Passionate about the great outdoors, and about protecting it, Irish designer Lynn Haughton founded the multi award-winning community organisation ‘The Upcycle Movement’ in 2012 to promote and inspire the rethinking of what we consider as waste – recognising this as a positive way to keep items out of landfill and contribute to a circular economy.

On a mission to design solutions to combat textile pollution, Lynn brings back beauty and provides new function to otherwise redundant materials, proving:
‘It’s only waste if we waste its potential’

Lynn spent some time living on a lake activity centre in Ireland and also living in Australia and became aware of the huge volume of wetsuits that get sent to landfill each year. These can not be recycled and do not biodegrade. To save them from landfill, Lynn set about seeing what else could be done with the material.
The result is the Neo Collection – the debut design range from The Upcycle Movement

Neo Collection – Upcycled wetsuits

Bags and accessories made from upcycled wetsuits and made for everyday adventures. Handmade with respect for the environment and a passion for a more sustainable world.

Each piece is unique and carries character from its adventurous past.
Continue the adventure.

NEO – from the word ‘neoprene’ (the material wetsuits are made from) and neo – meaning ‘new’ – a nod to the new life of the wetsuits.

10% of this collection goes to Seal Rescue Ireland, where Lynn volunteers.

Click on the logo to visit the Upcycle Movement website 

Mares exhibition at Dive Ireland 2019

Discover Mares professional scuba diving equipment: Everything you need for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our innovative line of diving products will allow you to spend special moments among the most beautiful seabeds discovering fantastic, mysterious, fascinating worlds. The Mares line is the point of reference for scuba diving equipment: diving masks and regulators, computers, underwater torches, dry suits, fins, great accessories and much, much more.

Thanks to our products, suitable for diving in seas, oceans and even in continental waters, you can explore all the beauties of the marine environment in total safety and reliability, with the possibility of reaching the best level of performance in different situations.

Being able to know and develop a passion for the marine world in all its forms and facets is possible thanks to a line of products that allow divers to dive, even for very long periods, and venture into new, memorable emotions.

Choose the best for your passion: Mares #justaddwater, the best scuba diving equipment for your dives, tailor-made according to every specific need and level of experience, allowing you to discover breathtaking underwater landscapes.

Please click the logo to visit the Mares website.


DV Diving confirmed for the Dive Show

DV Diving will be exhibiting at Dive Ireland 2019  to promote their new hard boat, ‘Madness’, and the North East coast as a dive destination.

DV Diving was established in 1991 and offers both recreational and commercial services.

We are a PADI Five Star IDC Dive Centre and BSAC Facility, RYA Power Boat Training Centre and HSE-recognised commercial scuba and First Aid assessment centre based near Strangford Lough, County Down, Northern Ireland.

We offer courses to suit the complete beginner through to instructor development for the most experienced professionals.

DV Diving also specialises in kit servicing, equipment sales and hire, diving holidays, and gift vouchers are available for our services.

Visit for more.

RNLI exhibition at Dive Ireland 2019

You may know the RNLI as the charity that saves lives at sea, but what you may not know about is the prevention work we’re doing in Diving.


On our stand we’ll have experts to answer questions about things like the best means of Calling For Help for divers, as well as information on the RNLI Diver Sea Survival Course, which was developed with the BDSG and is now being delivered by almost every dive agency across the UK and RoI.

We also have the RNLI Diver Health Campaign, which aims to alert divers to their most important bit of kit: their cardiac health. To support this, we’ll have a Wellpoint Health kiosk on our stand for a free full health check, which includes; Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Pulse, Blood Pressure & Heart Age.

Come and visit us for advice, information and a free health check.


DAN is coming to the Dive Show!


Brand Profile: DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network Europe) is an international non-profit medical and research organisation dedicated to the safety and health of divers.

Founded in 1983, DAN Europe exists to provide expert information and advice for the benefit of its members and the diving public.

DAN Europe’s vision is to be the most recognised and trusted organization worldwide in the fields of diver safety and emergency services, health, research, and education by its members, instructors, supporters and diving community at large. DAN Europe now has more than 100,000 members!


Brand Website:

Chartistic – Art from Charts…

Nautical charts, that is! Chartistic’s mission is to capture your favourite piece of coastline and transform it into a stunning and unique piece of art just for you.

The sea and coastline evokes special memories and emotions in people, especially in those who make their living from it or use it for pleasure. Chartistic captures those memories and emotions by faithfully recreating the nautical chart of the area and presenting what lies above and beneath the waves in an innovative 3D form on wood. Any chart from any coast, anywhere, can be created just for you.

Each commission is carefully designed to capture all of the important features of your chosen section of coast. It is also possible to customise your chart with an inscription or to mark your special places such as your favourite dive site. Charts are created with laser-precision to faithfully reproduce the original paper chart with incredible detail. The final piece is then assembled by hand and professionally framed to produce a truly unique and stunning personalised piece of art that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Photographs do not do the charts justice and they have to be seen to be believed.

Don’t miss the chance to see for yourself at Dive Ireland International Expo 2019. Any orders arising out of the show will get the benefit of a 10% discount.



Ph: +353 85 1744425

Emerald Diving Ireland to exhibit at the show

Learn to scuba dive at the National Aquatic Centre with Emerald Diving Ireland, Ireland’s first Scubapro Educational Association Member.

Emerald Diving Ireland is proud to announce its award as Ireland’s first Scubapro Educational Association Dive Centre – after passing the scuba manufacturing giant’s strict qualifications and standards for safety and equipment. SEA is Scubapro’s dive centre programme, in which each centre is “committed to providing quality diving experiences and is engaged in a partnership with Scubapro to ensure high-quality standards are constantly met”.

All SEA diving centres qualify for the status by offering a variety of choices and opportunities accessible to all prospective and current divers, enabling underwater enthusiasts to learn how to dive or discover new diving spots… or to just perfect those already top diving skills.

“The goal of each SEA centre and Instructor is that you are completely confident underwater and enjoy each dive, resurfacing with a smile”, says Scubapro.

SEA centres must fulfill specific safety qualifications, organisation and equipment standards set by Scubapro. They are committed and required to offer very recent Scubapro equipment, serviced at least annually, in order to maintain Scubapro’s high level of performance for relics and enjoyable diving experiences and time of the year.

Brian Herron, Emerald Diving Ireland Master scuba diver trainer, said: “The care of our diving equipment and being able to offer the best dive kit to our divers and students have always been a top priority. Becoming a Scubapro SEA centre is a great achievement and is just the next step as we try and make Emerald Diving Ireland the best centre to come scuba diving with in Ireland.”

Click on the logo to discover more about the wide range of courses offered by Emerald Diving Ireland