Drysuit Tailors at Dive Ireland

Dive Ireland are delighted to announce that Drysuit Tailors will be exhibiting at the Dive Expo onUntitled

Feb 28th and Mar 1st 2015. From their website: Drysuit Tailors is run by Brian and Ruth Breathnach.

We are based in Dundrum, Dublin and we specialise in drysuit and wetsuit repairs. We repair both

neoprene and membrane suits and we offer a full list of services to keep your suit in top condition.

We replace latex seals and zips and our neoprene seals are made to measure for a perfect fit. Our

customers include Coastguard, Civil Defence, Garda, Army, Sports Divers, Commercial Divers and

Tekki Divers. We also repair sailing suits and wetsuits for surfers, divers, triathletes etc. Check out

our competitive prices. It is our aim to provide the fastest turnaround service in Ireland without

compromising on quality.

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