Gas Technologies to light up Dive Ireland EXPO!

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Gas Technologies are delighted to be back again at the premier Irish diving event this year.

Whether it be Open Circuit Recreational or Closed Circuit, Mixed Gas Technical CCR, the one thing that is paramount to all divers is access to clean, breathable gas / air.

For over 20 years, Gas Technologies have been supplying market-leading breathing air equipment from IDE, Coltri and Bauer to our customers across the globe.

Should the requirement be for a club or for an individual, if you need some information on what’s available out there today, please drop by when you are at the Dive Show, as we would love to have a chat!

In 2016, we commenced sole distribution for the UK and Ireland for the full range of MPS Gas Booster Pumps. MPS are a world leader in the production of high pressure gas production and we are proud to be associated with a company that is passionate about being at the pinnacle in their field.

Also in 2016, we obtained the dealership for the Prodive range of diving lights. These 100m depth rated lights, where we have tested them down to 140m without any issues,  are one of the most competitively, fit for purpose dive / video lights currently on the market. Needless to say we are having amazing results and looking forward to showing some of the range at the Irish Dive Show.

Since the late 80’s we have been involved with Technical diving. With dives becoming deeper and dive times becoming longer, one of the major factors involved in the onset of decompression sickness is lack of warmth.

Since 2010, with dives lasting anywhere up to 5 hours, we searched for an under suit that would keep you warm enough to endure the cold harsh conditions. Having tried dozens of under suits over a 30 years period,  in 2019 we found the what we consider to be the best product at retaining  body heat. Being so impressed with the Product, we undertook the distributorship we are now an Ireland & UK Dealer for the full range of “Kwark” thermal under suits, which we will be displaying at Dive Ireland.

So, if it’s time your Club compressor was renewed or would you love to have total independence by having your very own dive compressor or if you feel that for too long you have been freezing on a dive and wished you had  a decent light, maybe it’s time you had a chat with us at Gas Technologies.  Looking forward to showing you some of the Product Range from  Bauer, Coltri IDE, MPS, Prodive, Kwark & OMS.

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