O’Three to feature at the dive show

As a company with an international reputation for quality and customer care, that we are told is second to none, we fully understand our obligation to you, our customer.

Each suit is manufactured to an established procedure that we have developed and evolved over the years.

With our experienced dedicated team, O’Three has grown into a respected Dry Suit and Wet Suit manufacturer and is an “established market leader”, putting quality neoprene innovation and service at the very core of everything we do.

From the very beginning, it was our strong belief that O’Three would be about exceptional quality and customer care.  Simple really, and still our main aim.

To build a solid business you cannot have one without the other.  This approach takes time, but with stubborn conviction those two core values have become inextricably linked and are at the bedrock of O’Three’s success.

Our Environment

Portland is a limestone tied island on the Dorset coast in the United Kingdom and is the home of O’Three Ltd.

We are surrounded by water and the Jurassic Coast.

There are not many places that have a more diverse geology above and below the water.

It is this harsh environment that has shaped Portland and has had a major influence on the way we design and build our suits.

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