Rebreathers – who’d have thought it? – Martin Parker

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Affordable eCC rebreathers were brought to the market by Martin Parker 23 years ago. When you consider that the sport of diving is only roughly 70 years old it may surprise many that  eCCRs have been around for 1/3rd of  the life of Sport Diving ! 

Internationally recognised for his contribution to the Sport and the Industry, including the Lavanchy, Tridente d’Oro and the BSAC’s Colin McCloed awards, Martin’s  presentation covers the incidents and pitfalls of all types of dives and diving equipment. No sales pitch here, just hard facts, Martin’s presentation is relevant to all.

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Improving Diving Culture for Safer Diving

Martin says, “The important thing is – the presentation is for everyone. I did a talk in Australia last year and the room was only half full because people thought it would be a sales pitch for AP. The talk is nothing to do with AP, it’s all about what goes wrong in diving and what we believe needs to change in diving – open circuit and closed circuit. If you have the right culture – safety is ingrained. The wrong culture and you get fatalities. You only have to look at one of the Britannic expeditions this year (2019) . One fatality on the Friday and then when they dived again on the Sunday, they had another one. Two completely different causes, different rebreathers, but those incidents had a lot in common. So culture change is where it’s at – and I guarantee that most of the audience won’t like what I have to say. “

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