Secret Wrecks of the Suez – Peter Collings

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Peter started to write as an amateur in his native North East England back in the early 80’s producing a few well received local guides as a hobby, his particular focus was the local wrecks in which he had a massive interest.

It was in the mid nineties that he had a life changing opportunity leading to his sale of his UK business interest and concentration of developing the newly developing opportunity of Red Sea Wreck safaris. In collaboration with Chris Scott of Discover Scuba and the boat Zanadu 2 the launch of wreck specific safaris in Red Sea was born and the first of his Red Sea wreck books was released.

Discovering new wrecks in the Red Sea was never a one man job and the Red Sea Wreck Academy was formed with Peter as Expedition Director, this brought a bunch of likeminded enthusiasts with all kinds of research and diving skills and together they went on to discover and dive 35 of the 45 or so recreationally dive able wrecks in the Red Sea. Some of these are well known others not so often dived in the modern day, these discoveries and identifications including Giannis D, Hamada, Rosalie Molller, Million Hope, Ulysses, Zietieh, Domiat, Scalaria, Aboudy, Turkia, Qtmos 1. and RSS Cormorant to name a few!

The work continues today and for 2020 there are no less than 5 more targets to discover and dive!

Peter’s work in the Red Sea was consider so valuable to the Egyptian government that in 2005 he was uniquely given by His Excellency Mr Mustafa Affifi, Governor General, Sinai an award ‘GOVERNOR GENERALS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE’ for an outstanding contribution to the Diving & Travel Industry in Egypt, an award that won him the respect of the Red Sea boat captains who named him ‘Father of the wrecks’.

As a result of the work in the Red Sea, Peter is now regularly commissioned by Tourist Boards all over the globe including the Maldives, Philippines, Malta & Gozo, Grenadine, in fact anywhere there are wrecks. However his love and true heart lies in the depths of the Red Sea which even after 40 years of diving is still revealing new discoveries.

Roots Red Sea Room 1pm Saturday

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