The Upcycle Movement – Bag & accessories from upcycled wetsuits

Passionate about the great outdoors, and about protecting it, Irish designer Lynn Haughton founded the multi award-winning community organisation ‘The Upcycle Movement’ in 2012 to promote and inspire the rethinking of what we consider as waste – recognising this as a positive way to keep items out of landfill and contribute to a circular economy.

On a mission to design solutions to combat textile pollution, Lynn brings back beauty and provides new function to otherwise redundant materials, proving:
‘It’s only waste if we waste its potential’

Lynn spent some time living on a lake activity centre in Ireland and also living in Australia and became aware of the huge volume of wetsuits that get sent to landfill each year. These can not be recycled and do not biodegrade. To save them from landfill, Lynn set about seeing what else could be done with the material.
The result is the Neo Collection – the debut design range from The Upcycle Movement

Neo Collection – Upcycled wetsuits

Bags and accessories made from upcycled wetsuits and made for everyday adventures. Handmade with respect for the environment and a passion for a more sustainable world.

Each piece is unique and carries character from its adventurous past.
Continue the adventure.

NEO – from the word ‘neoprene’ (the material wetsuits are made from) and neo – meaning ‘new’ – a nod to the new life of the wetsuits.

10% of this collection goes to Seal Rescue Ireland, where Lynn volunteers.

Click on the logo to visit the Upcycle Movement website 

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