Underwater navigation with the new technology, UWIS

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UWIS-system and technological innovation behind it, rose from the need of navigation during the rescue mission. This system brings all the same features available for underwater world which are commonly used above the water surface, provided by satellite location systems.

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UWIS-Tracker shows 3D locations of max 100 divers, support max 100 different messages and point of interests.
It stores diving data to log files for secondary analysis. Underwater it supports several paired display units like Alltab tablet, Mobile phones, GoPro cameras and later dive computers. In the near future it is possible for diver to follow the whole group and send messages from the diver to the others or with the boat personnel.

The main target for the system was and still is to provide helping tool for professional diving, rescue missions and searching. It also helps dive operators to control big diving groups and avoid anyone getting lost. Above the all it gives divers the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of diving

Pertti Arvonen is CEO of UWIS Oy from Finland. He has 20 years experiences in global industry, mainly from power electronic sector. He is co-founder of UWIS Oy which was established at summer 2014 for only one purpose – to create the new navigation and communication system for divers.
Pertti has transformed the personal weakness, he is not a diver yet, to business strength by actively studying and listening tips and requirements for system from diver community. It is ongoing process and now it is time to share some results in Dive Ireland Expo.

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