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ZAGG Brands is a global leader in accessories and technologies that empower mobile lifestyles. Our award-winning product portfolio that includes screen protection, power management solutions, mobile keyboards, personal audio, and cell phone cases sold under the InvisibleShield®, mophie®, ZAGG®, BRAVEN®, IFROGZ®, Gear4®, and HALO® brands.

At the Dive Expo we will be showcasing speakers and earbuds from our BRAVEN range of rugged audio, alongside  Gear4, the No. 1 impact protection case brand in the U.K. All Gear4 cases incorporate D3O® material to provide maximum protection from impact in a slim design with a lightweight feel. Both brands are designed to withstand the toughest outdoor environments

BRAVEN, creator of the rugged and portable audio category, combines unparalleled style with cutting-edge technology to produce premium Bluetooth speakers for the outdoor adventurer and modern audiophile. 


Crafted to be as rugged as you are, our Bluetooth® speakers are 100% waterproof and shockproof so they can withstand tumbles, dunks in lakes, or the occasional beer spill.


Our wireless earbuds can take as much as you can. Completely waterproof to withstand rainstorms, sweat storms, and even an accidental drop in the creek.

About Gear4:
Gear4 is the No. 1 impact protection case brand in the U.K. In 2015, Gear4 partnered with D3O® to create world-leading impact protection products for consumer electronics. Now 13 years old and established in over 40 countries, Gear4 has a proven track record of creating world-leading products that have satisfied millions of consumers worldwide. Working to the impeccable standards of British engineering and innovation, Gear4 pride themselves on constantly delivering unique, well-designed products that protect your most precious devices.

The amazing Platoon case can take on almost anything. It’s drop-resistant up to 20 feet thanks to its two-part construction and extra D3O® impact protection. D3O® is the same material used in protective gear by the military and professional athletes all over the world.

Our hardback, durable Battersea case can take on almost anything. This case provides extra protection with D3O® surrounding the frame and back plate

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