The State of the Coral Reefs – Aidan Gray

I have recently returned from a Biosphere Expeditions trip monitoring the state of the coral reefs on the atolls of the Maldives islands in the Indian Ocean. I was in […]

Deep Wreck Photography – Mattheiu Bentot

Mattheiu started diving in 2007. He got a JJ-CCR in 2012, and started wreck photography the year after with a NEX6.The talk is about the challenges specific to deep wreck […]

Underwater Photography & Video Competition

Irish Underwater Council’s National Underwater Photography & Videography Competition 2019 “Philosophy”It’s a fun competition and what few rules we have are there to make the organisation easier. We intend to […]

North Atlantic Wrecks – Barry McGill

Barry McGill is a based deep wreck photographer and CCR instructor trainer with Indepth Technical. His main area of focus is exploration of deep water shipwrecks around the Irish coastline […]

Diving Truk Lagoon – Liam Whelan

Diving Truk Lagoon – Dive mecca for wreck divers Liam Whelan Liam has been diving with Naas Sub Aqua Club for over 20 years and has been an active instructor […]

Ireland’s Deep Atlantic – Ken O’Sullivan

Ken is a documentary filmmaker based in Lahinch, Co. Clare, who founded Sea Fever Productions in 2006. The company’s eponymous release in 2007 was followed by a number of high-profile […]

Nigel Motyer – Its not all about the subject

Nigel has been diving since 1984 and took up underwater photography shortly after that. His talk at this year dive show will focus on looking at the overall composition, it’s […]

Underwater navigation with the new technology, UWIS

UWIS-system and technological innovation behind it, rose from the need of navigation during the rescue mission. This system brings all the same features available for underwater world which are commonly […]

Drug Smuggling on the Irish Seas

Andrew Ryan Maritime Operations Manager with the Revenue Customs service will doing an interesting talk about Drug Smuggling on the Irish Seas at 2pm Saturday at the? Dive Ireland International […]