2024 Speakers

Spekers List

The speaker list is looking even better than last year’s expo!

Phil and Anne

Phil & Anne

Alphamarine Photography

UW Photography Equipment , When to upgrade

Anne and Phil, with 45 years of diving experience and 30 years in underwater digital photography, transformed their passion into Alphamarine Photography Ltd, offering training and equipment retail. Their global influence spans a highly-rated blog, a Facebook group with over 2000 members, contributions to Scuba Diver magazine, and speaking engagements, alongside worldwide online courses and workshops in locations like Scotland, Egypt, Indonesia, and the Philippines, covering techniques from compact cameras to high-end mirrorless options.


Mensum Bound

Shackelton's Endurance

Mensum is a British maritime archaeologist born in Stanley,FalklandIslands. He is best known as director of exploration for two expeditions to the Weddell Seawhich led to the rediscovery of the Endurance.

Derek Bolton

Bolton, Derek

Underwater Photography

Derek, a recreational diver from Cork, was introduced to SCUBA diving by PADI and has since become a passionate volunteer Instructor with Diving Ireland, sharing his love for underwater photography. Starting with a simple 3MP camera, Derek has advanced to using sophisticated equipment, thanks to expert guidance and continuous learning.

Rory Golden

Flagship Scuba

Deep Ocean Exploration

Deep-sea expert on his expeditions over the years on the Titanic and the recovery of the Apollo 11 space rocket engines.

Matt Jevon

South West Technical

Technical Diving in Ireland

Matt Jevon, M.Sc. F.IoD is a Full Expedition (beyond 100m) level Trimix and Cave instructor on both Open Circuit and Rebreathers with TDI, PADI and ANDI. He is also the JJ-CCR and Divesoft Liberty Sidemount instructor and dealer for Ireland. Matt’s personal diving has included cave exploration in the Philippines, wreck projects in Croatia and Ireland as well as being one of the inaugural dirty dozen in Truk!

George Karbus

George Karbus

Award Winning Underwater Photography

Originally from the Czech Republic, George turned his passion for the ocean into a celebrated photography career upon moving to Ireland, capturing its coastline and earning numerous prestigious awards, including Nature’s Best Photography Award and Wildlife Photographer of the Year, solidifying his status as a leading outdoor photographer.

Barry McGill

InDepth Technical

Barry McGill is an Irish based deep wreck photographer and CCR trimix instructor trainer with his company Indepth Technical Diving. His main area of focus is exploration of deep water shipwrecks around the Irish coastline and he has been fortunate enough to discover and explore many significant previously undiscovered shipwrecks. Barry has been part of many international television documentaries and his images have appeared numerous books.

Nuala Moore

Nuala Moore

Extreme Swimming

Nuala Moore is an Irish open water and ice swimmer, coach, author, and lecturer known for her extreme swimming achievements. She has participated in pioneering swims around the world, including a relay swim around Ireland and a double relay crossing of the English Channel. Moore has also swum in ice-cold waters, such as her first ice swim Mile in Ireland in 2013.

Ken O'sullivan

Ken O'Sullivan

Sea Fever Productions

Filmmaker and Conservationist

Ken has been an award-winning documentary filmmaker and underwater cameraman since 2005, and ocean conservationist for most of his life. He has produced, directed and filmed natural history documentary series for broadcasters RTÉ & TG4 and worked as cameraman / director for BBC NHU, and other international broadcasters.

Mark Powell

Why divers do stupid things!

Mark had his first experience of diving at the age of 10 when he did a try-a-dive in a local pool. He was hooked from that point onwards. He learnt to dive in 1987 and has been diving ever since. He has dived in the Red Sea, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, California, Gulf of Mexico, Middle East, Truuk Lagoon, Caribbean and the Mediterranean. However he is most at home in the waters around the UK where there is some of the best wreck diving in the world.

Andrew Ryan

Revenue Commissioners

Maritime Operations

Andrew is responsible for the national management of maritime frontier controls within the Investigation Prosecution and Frontier Management Division of the Revenue Commissioners. This includes overseeing the Revenue Customs Maritime Unit and Customs Cutters, as well as the National Deep Rummage Function, employing both routine and intelligence-led strategies. He is an STCW qualified Ships Master with prior experience as a Cutter Commander.